Sunday, November 30, 2014

Atoll Tree Introduction

(Wear earphones for maximum realism)

Atoll Tree is a nuclear bomb simulator application that will show the actual death count and cost of destruction, once a nuclear bomb is detonated in a city.

The game’s primary objective is to educate the current generation, of what nuclear weapons are, their history, who has them, and why they can wipe out the entire human civilization.

Hopefully, millions of players will then support Nuclear Disarmament, and persuade our world leaders to get rid of nuclear weapons once and for all.


To educate and reach millions of people, Atoll Tree will be released thru HTML 5 (Web Browser) and as mobile game apps thru app store (iphones/ipad) and google play (android).

I mixed different sound effects to give the player a feeling of what is it like to be in a city seconds away from a nuclear bomb attack, and minutes after the detonation.


To give an accurate death count, I researched the destructive radius of each bomb in the game, including the fireball radius and blast radius.

If any living thing is caught inside the blast radius itself, they will be killed instantly.

I excluded the much more larger nuclear fallout radius, because it will be hard to calculate the survival percentage of the fallout, which includes third degree burns, and amputations.

So having the population data per kilometer square of the city, I was able to calculate the death toll according the the blast radius area of each bomb.



This one is tricky, and the truth is, I can only come up with an out of the ballpark figure. I can never know the price of each square meter of real estate space in New York City (this includes each floor of any building) given the resources I have. I do have the data that shows the market value of New York, which is 1.08 Trillion Dollars.
We can then divide this value per square kilometer of the entire city, which will give me an estimate of the property value per square kilometer.

The blast radius of the bomb will have an overpressure of 20 psi, that will destroy or demolish any heavily built concrete buildings.
All I have to do is to calculate the blast radius and the property value of that area.


Little Boy : First Nuclear Bomb ever used in warfare.

Fat Man: Second Nuclear Bomb ever used in warfare.

Topol : Russian Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

B-83 : Largest bomb in current US arsenal
Dong Feng 5 : China’s current Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Castle Bravo: Code name of test of the first US hydrogen bomb that was dropped on Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands.

Tsar Bomba: Most powerful nuclear bomb ever detonated in human history. This hydrogen bomb was tested by Russia on October 30, 1961.



I am targeting March 1, 2015 as the date of release to coincide with 61st Anniversary of the detonation of the Castle Bravo Bomb on Bikini Atoll (March 1, 1954)



Support the App, let everyone get involved, spread this webpage, on facebook or twitter.

We encourage you also to post comments with regards to the game, your thoughts, your suggestions, anything that will help make this app more reliable and realistic, and of course, educational.





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